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Our Services

Nha Toi Real Estate, Hoi An focuses on getting a wide range of properties for sale & for rent. Contrary to the current role of a housing agent in Hoi An, we follow our clients in all the steps from the first research to the day they hand the keys back to the landlord.


  1. Finding the suitable property for our client
  2. Taking the 1st stand on negotiating prices, terms & conditions of contract, instalments etc…
  3. Rental: Making sure that everything is ready for the client to move in such as internet, Cable TV, fixing fixture & fittings & more.
  4. Compiling the contract between the landlord & the tenant so that both parties are clear & safe.
  5. During the tenant’s stay, we at Nha Toi will be the intermediate between tenant and landlord. All matters are dealt very promptly and in a professional manner.


Hoi An is without a doubt one the nicest ‘city’ in Vietnam. Many visitors fall for the beauty of Hoi An from rice paddies, laid back culture, friendly locals and the beautiful china beach. Many decide to settle in, in fact the expatriate community keeps increasing year on year. There are also those who want to have their second home in Hoi An, who would live a couple of month a year away from stress and the rest of time would rent out their property.

This is where we come in:

1. Nha Toi Real Estate constantly research the area of Hoi An to find the nicest land and houses for sale.

2. We understand the complications involved in the process of buying a property in Vietnam, as the Law of land ownership in Vietnam does not allow any foreigners to buy land / house in Vietnam; It is a scary concept for many foreigners not to have the land on their name however, we at Nha Toi Real Estate would never sell land to a foreign client without guiding them through the correct contracts, notary & lawyer visits & advises. Buying land is a very serious decision and can be a very regrettable one for those who do not cover their interest with the correct notarised contracts and without consulting a lawyer. If you have any enquiry regarding buying land / house in Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at info@hoianhousevillage.com


If you are a landlord wanting to rent or sale your property you have come to the right place. As stated above regarding the service we provide to tenants, it works both ways. We are doing the best we possibly can to provide a realestate service similar to that of western countries. Below are the services we provide for landlords:

– All contracts between tenant & landlord are compiled by us.

– Properties are put forward on our website for free.

– For rental, all the matters before / during / after the tenancy are dealt by us directly making the life easier between both the tenant and landlord.

– We intervene promptly to any dispute that may occur during a rental contract.

– We support you if needed in giving you advice on how to improve your property to give it that extra push.

– We do the background check on your property in terms of future projects, building permits, average selling prices in your given area; so that we have all the keys in hand to support you. For house owners only residing in Vietnam for a short period of time during the year, we can manage your property either Vacation rental or residential, you will receive our advises on prices, length of contracts and you will have to make the final decision.


– Airport pick up – Maid / butler / gardener on property

– Security during vacancy

– bicycle / motorbike rental

– Grocery delivery


1. Keep your property clean; the first impression of a potential buyer is crucial.

2. Focusing on getting long instalments of a year payment is a great deterrent for a potential tenant. Try 3 month instalments

3. Do not enter your property unless the tenant as agreed so, they are renting your property so they do not want to feel invaded.

4. If there is an issue you want to discuss with the tenant, discuss with us first and we will deal with it.

5. A bit of imagination in decorating / furnishing can greatly increase your chances of renting / selling.

For further enquiry regarding leasing / selling please contact us at info@hoianhousevillage.com

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